David Donnelly



Dave completed his Bachelors or Architectural Studies from the University of Waterloo, and his Masters in Architecture from McGill University. Throughout his architectural education he has had the opportunity to study in Galt Ontario, Montreal Canada, Rome Italy, and work in Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, Niagara and Hamilton.

Dave is passionate about history and architecture. His Masters work focused on Southern Ontario’s 19th century industrial past and its place in the contemporary city, specifically the Historic Welland Canal(s). He received the Arcop/Alcan Award for his final project for demonstrating particular sensitivity to the architectural and cultural traditions of its location.

Dave is currently an Intern Architect with the OAA and working towards professional licensing.

Favourite Architect: Olson-Kundig, Peter Zumthor, Patkau Architects, Bjark Ingles, Peter Zumthor for his dark, serious, and haunting architecture/memorials and Bjark Ingles for his fun, playful and inventive architecture. I have admiration for architecture that responds to context, (architectural, historic, urban, social) in a creative and contemporary way.

Favourite Hamilton Building: The McMaster University Medical Centre: I have a soft spot for brutalism, and its adaptations.

Favourite Building: The Pantheon is the most powerful space I have ever experienced, a more recent favorite would be the Getty Centre in Los Angeles.

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TH&B Hunter Street Station, Fellheimer & Wagner Architects, 1933

Life oscillates between very concrete dimensions — to have a shelter, to not be cold, to be able to live together at a certain proximity — but also questions of the essence of human existence. Architecture has to solve basic problems, but also explore the potentiality of things. — Alejandro Aravena