M.Arch., M. BSc., OAA

Kam is a licensed Architect in Michigan and he received his Master of Architecture from the University of Michigan. He is passionate in the adaptive reuse of built environment to create contemporary and sustainable space. His master thesis titled “Survival Tact(ics) for Endangered Spatial Species” examined how old buildings can evolve and adapt to their respective new environment without being subjected to conventional technique of historic preservation. His previous works include retrofitting of historic buildings in San Francisco and dilapidated Detroit's inner-city garages into commercial facilities and learning spaces. In addition, he has a Master of Building Science from Ryerson University.

Heroes: As a strong advocate for civic projects that inspire, I admire the works by Chicago Architect Daniel Burnham and Landscape Architect Frederick Law Olmsted. Burnham was the foremost proponent of the City Beautiful Movement at the beginning of the 20th century that created some of the most memorable public spaces, infrastructures and institutions in American cities. These spaces include Chicago Union Station, Cleveland Mall and Detroit’s Cultural Center.
As for Olmsted, he advocated for the creation of urban parks for public leisure to combat the intensification of American cities. His greatest works included the Central Park, the Golden Gate Park and the Belle Isle Island Park in Detroit. Another major legacy that Olmsted left behind was the establishment of the parks and parkways system in America. These trees-lined parkways, which are his adaptation of the French boulevards, connect people in the urban cores to the wider network of parks on the outskirts. Both Burnham and Olmsted had significantly shaped the face of the American cities we see today.

Favourite Hamilton Buildings: My favorite buildings are the ones surrounding the Gore Park right in the heart of downtown. Their differences in ages, styles, shapes and materiality have contributed to the vibrant streetscape of the park. Together with the impressive fountain, Gore Park is one of the best spaces created in the city.

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Gore Park fountain, 1860