St. Thomas Affordable Housing + Social Services Hub

ST. THOMAS, Ontario

City of St. Thomas
12,000 sq. ft. (1,115 sq. m.)

A new Social Services Hub and Affordable Housing Building, the project is part of the City of St. Thomas’ larger renewal strategy focused on improving the area’s infrastructure and public amenities.  Located at the west end of Talbot Street, St. Thomas’ main corridor through the downtown, the 12,000 square foot building is positioned as a gateway into the city, defining the modern vision for its urban fabric, and is intended to become a catalyst for renewal. 

With the project slated for completion towards the end of 2019, the new building will house, on its ground floor, the current and future needs for the City’s Social Services Department as well as participating smaller agencies that will form a new community hub.

The second and third floors will accommodate 28 affordable apartments in support of the Elgin and St. Thomas Housing Corporation. The apartments have been sensitively designed to create comfortable environments for occupants, with large windows providing natural light to all living spaces, and kitchen layouts that provide ample storage and counter space. Finishes within the apartments have been chosen to be elegant, sophisticated and durable, elevating the quality of life for the users.

On its exterior, a thoughtfully articulated façade of brick, wood and steel elements breaks down the scale of the building, creating modules that reflect the historic commercial storefronts of the surrounding downtown while introducing a modern architectural sentiment.